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Sustaincare is the manager of the Self Care LIbrary


This has been created by a team led by Professor David Peters at the University of Westminster, from a major national project Integrated Self Care in Family Practice, supported by the UK Department of Health.

It provides a unique independent evidence- based review of self care options for everyone.















To expand the Self Care Libary Sustaincare will produce a comprehensive TOOLKIT of self care approaches. As well as categories covered in the Library this will also include

  • practical guides to self care techniques,
  • self management approaches for living with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease
  • opportunities to interact with a community of people looking after themselves and their loved ones,
  • self care diaries and more.










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We are also building:

OurMedicine communities - the first is our local community around the Hub on the Green in Exeter -

and on its way: our social community of idea sharers.